Paper Moon

Paper Moon: A City Classic

One of the prestigious food and beverage brands , Paper Moon Istanbul has become a city classic.

Paper Moon received the "Interior Design" award by the Restaurants and Institutions-New York in 1997.

Where Italian cuisine meets elegance: Paper Moon

After Milan and New York, the world famous Italian restaurant, Paper Moon, opened its doors to the guests of Akmerkez in 1996. Providing service with the professional management approach of Akmerkez Lokantacılık, Paper Moon serves the carefully prepared flavors of Italian cuisine in a comfortable environment with a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

The restaurant, with its professional staff managed by the Italian Chef Giuseppe Pressani, quickly became one of the most prestigious brands in Istanbul's food and beverage industry and turned into a city classic. In line with its objective to achieve the highest possible standards of food and service quality, the restaurant, and all its employees, is inspected by the Italian consultant Paolo Lattanzi four times a year for two weeks.

With its stylish interior design and professional lighting, Paper Moon offers an environment that is far from the hustle and bustle of the city, and this has won it many awards in various categories. The restaurant's attentive approach earned it the "Interior Design" award by the Restaurants and Institutions-New York in 1997 and the "Interior Lighting" award by Lumens-New York in 1998.

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