Having opened as the 16th of the KidZania Children's Republics on an area of 8,000 square meters in Akasya in 2014, KidZania Istanbul creates a child-sized replica of real life for children through partnerships with real brands and institutions. Children have fun and discover their talents at the same time by taking part in a wide range of areas including airline companies, manufacturing plants, healthcare facilities, and secret agent training centers.

KidZania, the star of the children's entertainment industry, was first established in Mexico City in 1999 with the concept of "edutainment," a combination of education and entertainment that has gained momentum especially in the last decade with the impact of changing living conditions on the new generations thanks to advances in technology. Founded by the Mexican entrepreneur Xavier López Ancona, KidZania today operates in 19 countries and 24 cities around the world.

Developing both motor skills and physical and social skills in many different activities, children in KidZania gain the freedom to make independent decisions and choices, make friends, play, learn, experiment, and produce using their creativity.

In nearly 100 areas of activities in KidZania, children can choose the professions they would like and can undertake one or more of almost 90 roles in accordance with their own skills and interests. Within a real city arrangement with a wide range of activities, children visiting KidZania can roleplay professions such as "Doctor," "Fireman," "Dentist" and so on at the child-sized Hospital, Fire Station, Theatre, Archeological Museum, Production Plants, Aviation Academy, Dental Health Center, Bank, Stadium, and many more.

In KidZania, children can earn KidZos, the official currency of KidZania, for the professions they played out. They can purchase the products and services they would like with their kidZos, and they can deposit their remaining kidZos in the bank to spend on their next visits.

In KidZania, children at the ages of 4 to 14 are given a chance to play the roles of adults, in cooperation with brands from the adult world. Thus, children both have fun and learn while preparing for real life. There is also a special section in KidZania for children aged 0-4.

At the entrance to KidZania Istanbul, children are welcomed by a real Boeing 737-205 type aircraft brought from Mexico that is 18.5 meters in length and 8.5 tons in weight. Entering KidZania from under the plane through an area designed to resemble an airport counter, children get the chance to experience being a pilot in the cockpit, which is every child's dream.

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