Dinkal at a Glance

Meeting customer needs and expectations successfully since its establishment in 1976, Dinkal Insurance Agency is among the preferred intermediary companies in the insurance industry thanks to its distinguished service mentality. With the potential to provide service in all the areas of insurance, Dinkal Sigorta provides its customers with a great advantage thanks to its ability to provide comparative presentation and interpretation of the prices and guarantees of the 25 insurance and pension companies that it works with within the industry.

Dinkal offers a wide range of classic insurance policies for individual customers such as health, automobile, traffic, and housing packages. It also has specifically designed risk and policy evaluation reports for commercial and industrial risks as well as inclusive fire, engineering, liability policies, and transportation and profit loss policies for corporate clients.

Moreover, it helps prepare insurance programs and provides consultancy services on policies covering special risks which require expertise and experience such as trade receivables (credit), managerial responsibility, guarantee insurance, product liability, construction (CAR), and erection (EAR).

Dinkal's risk portfolio includes the insurance policies of the facilities of Turkey's leading companies, which operate in the world's largest chemical plants and specific activity fields, as well as the risks of the large power plants in Turkey starting from the project phase to implementation and operation.

Customized service

In order to protect the current and future success of its customers, Dinkal designs customized and creative solutions for each of its customers specific to their industries. Thus, Dinkal offers solutions beyond traditional insurance packages, making its services even more attractive with additional advantages. Dinkal constantly monitors the developments related to insurance companies, updates existing policies, and ensures that the required changes related to risks are reflected in the policies. Current industrial information is also transferred to all policyholders via its web sites available in digital media. Dinkal Sigorta offers a faster, more solution-oriented and wide-ranging service to provide customized services to its customers on the digital platform with its brand "sigortaküpü."

The services provided by Dinkal with its high customer satisfaction policy include:

Consultancy:Dinkal shares its extensive know-how and solid infrastructure with its clients by offering consultancy services in all areas covered by insurance.

Risk Analysis and Management:Dinkal provides services in identifying the insurable risks that are essential to minimizing the financial losses that may be incurred by institutions and introducing them correctly to the insurance companies.It develops and implements risk analysis to offer you a more comprehensive coverage, to provide solutions to reduce your operational risks, and to create custom solutions for the security of your company assets.

Policy Management: Increasing the product range offered to customers through 25 insurance companies that it works with, Dinkal also draws attention with its solutions that provide special advantages for institutions and individuals. The company also offers different alternatives to minimize the risks by examining the existing policy and coverage, identifying potential inadequate and/or surplus collaterals on behalf of clients.

Damage Management:In order to be able to fully cover the losses of an individual or institution in case of any damage, the risk must be correctly identified at the beginning. Within the framework of the insurance and risk management model, Dinkal identifies the terms and conditions of coverage.

Dinkal continues to expand its customer portfolio.

As one of the leading insurance companies in the insurance industry, Dinkal has secured its position in the industry with more than 15,000 customers. The company plans to achieve sustainable growth in the coming years as well.

Continuing its successful performance in insurance, an industry with challenging competitive conditions, Dinkal is enlarging its staff of well-equipped and competent employees through organizational restructuring.

More growth in the future

There are indications that the insurance companies operating in the Turkish insurance industry have been meticulous in their risk selection and pricing in recent years. On a corporate level in particular, risk management will gain much more importance than in the past, and the accumulation of know-how and expertise in the insurance services will become more valuable to the customers.

The insurance industry, a fiercely competitive environment, will become even more competitive in the future in the light of all these developments. Within these provisions, Dinkal will continue its steady and rapid growth in line with its strategic objectives. Differentiating itself from its industry competitors with the custom solutions it creates for its expanding customer portfolio, Dinkal plans to further strengthen its team in order to improve service quality.

Adopting the goal of becoming a well-known and strong corporate brand in the insurance industry, the company is progressing successfully with its innovative approaches and effective customer management.

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