Akkim Kimya San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Akkim Kimya, the leading chemicals producer of Turkey, was established in Yalova in 1977. Conducting manufacturing operations at 5 different locations with over 1000 employees, Akkim has a special place in the chemicals industry with its diversity of products. Akkim is a chemicals company that has been serving over 70 countries in six continents with its wide range of products, including chlor-alkali and derivatives, peroxides, methylamines, persulfates, bisulphites, textile auxiliaries, paper, water treatment chemicals, construction chemicals and plastic additives. Positioned as the market leader for many products in basic chemicals and performance chemicals; the company serves the cleaning, hygiene, water treatment, textile, paper, construction, plastics, food, metal, energy, detergent, drilling, mining, and chemicals industries.

Working to enrich its products and to produce innovative solutions by directing its efforts conducted at its R&D Center established in 2013 towards achievement of the right goals and objectives, Akkim has turned into an organization that can develop innovations at global standards. The utilization of resources has been reorganized in line with market and customer needs. Having been selling some of its know-how and technologies to overseas companies since 2002, the Company provides various services ranging from engineering services to turnkey-delivery contracting projects.

Leveraging its presence and synergy in water treatment sector, Akkim has entered the high-tech water treatment industry with its ultrafiltration membrane module investment at its Yalova Plant. The Company is the first and only producer of this product in the region stretching from Europe to Asia with its modern factory commissioned in 2016.

The Company always places importance on inorganic growth opportunities. Acquiring Akcoat (Gizem Frit) company, the world's pioneer manufacturer of chemical coating materials with 5 main product groups: enamel, ceramic, non-stick decorative coatings, pigment and glass, Akkim has become capable of adding value to the household appliances, kitchenware, ovens, ceramics and glass industries. The Company also acquired Dinox, the chemical sales and marketing company based in Germany in 2017 in order to get closer to its customers in the European market and to further expand its export activities. On the other hand, Akcoat acquired the company Akcoat Spain (Megacolor) producing ceramic printing inks in Spain, thus accomplishing a major integration investment. Akkim has finally acquired USK Kimya, one of the largest carboxymethyl cellulose producers in Turkey and the world in 2021.

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