Established within the structure of Akkök Group in 2005, Akiş REIT aims to apply the experience and expertise it has accumulated in the real estate sector, which it has positioned among the group’s strategic business areas, in various projects.

Akiş REIT assumed the title of Real Estate Investment Trust on May 18, 2012 upon application to the Capital Markets Board. Subsequently Akiş REIT was listed on Borsa Istanbul on January 9, 2013. Akiş REIT aims to implement prestigious projects in the real estate industry, with the abiding principle that ‘Each square meter of your life deserves more.’ and aims to the happiness eventually on the every work it performs.

Bringing a new approach towards the real estate trusts in Turkey, Akiş REIT inclined towards the high street retail industry as an alternative approach to shopping mall investments. The company aims to bring about regular dividend income for its partners by means of leasing incomes, which will scale with these high street retail projects. Within the scope of this strategy, Akiş REIT focuses on projects oriented towards high street retail in Istanbul Bağdat Street in 2014, and it will soon develop sustainable projects reflecting its vision.

Akiş REIT adopts a project approach with high quality standards, which will make its customers feel special thanks to the living areas it offers, in line with the city’s texture. Akiş REIT supports this perspective by means of international standard architectural approaches to street retail. The Company became one of the key players in the sector, with new trend-setting projects developed at the right time and in the right location. Closely following up the ever-changing sector trends and socio-economic developments, Akiş REIT continues to initiate projects that make a difference in the real estate sector.

Projects of Akiş REIT

Akbatı AVYM

With its shares wholly owned by Akiş REIT, the Akbatı Project was developed in Esenyurt, İstanbul with an investment of approximately USD 250 million. Akbatı is designed as a lifestyle center comprised of a shopping center and residences that carry the concepts of quality and comfort to the highest levels. Spread on a total construction area of 242,000 square meters, Akbatı Shopping Mall accommodates about 200 stores, nine movie theaters, restaurants offering cuisines from around the world, playgrounds and sports fields, and a Festival Park with a 5,000 person capacity. Furthermore, Akbatı has a net leasable area of 65,496 square meters. One of the main transit points in Akbatı Shopping Mall, Restaurants Avenue is a majör meeting point with its elegant cafés and restaurants selected among the top brands.

Akbatı Shopping Mall has been hosting visitors since September 2011. Celebrating its 4th anniversary, Akbatı received 42 awards from prominent national and international sector competitions, notching up phenomenal success. In the past four years, Akbatı Shopping Mall organized 517 children’s festivals, 218 cookery workshops, 370 yoga and Pilates courses, 112 special interviews, 12 autograph sessions, 7 exhibitions, 15 concerts, 5 theater plays, 7 foreign licensed special activities, and 15 large concerts and countless music concerts, all free of charge. The 16.2% hike in turnover and the international awards it received demonstrate that Akbatı Shopping Mall has attained the targeted success.


The Akasya Project was developed on a tract of 121,000 square meters by SAF REIT in Acıbadem, a participation of Akiş REIT in which Akiş REIT owns the 19,71% assets of. Comprising 1,371 residences and a shopping center, with a rentable area of 88,862 square meters, the project has three phases; the Grove, Lake and Urban.

The Grove and Lake Phases were opened in 2012, and handovers for the Urban Phase were completed. Part of the Urban Phase, the Akasya Acıbadem Shopping Mall, has around 264 stores, and began operating on March 6, 2014.

Providing an enjoyable shopping experience, a wide variety of social activities, and easy access, Akasya Acıbadem is the most remarkable living complex on the Asian side, as well as in Istanbul, with a harmonious blend of green space and lakes that encourage residents to enjoy nature, and open-air squares designed to promote quality of life.

Since opening on March 6, 2014, Akasya Acıbadem has accumulated a total of 37 prizes in the most prestigious international awards events across the world. The most prominent of the awards received during the last year is the New Developments: Large category from the ICSC European Shopping Centre Awards as the Best Shopping Mall in Europe.

High Street Retail

While the Company takes investment decisions in accordance with the demands envisaged in the sector, it aims to grow by raising the regular rental income. Therefore, the Company made real estate investments on different parcels in Şaşkınbakkal, Caddebostan, Suadiye and Çatalçeşme, located on Bağdat Street, which is one of the most popular streets in Istanbul.

Akiş REIT adopts a strategy of focusing on street retail in its portfolio, as shopping mall investments in Istanbul have reached very high levels in recent years. The Company expects to generate regular rental income from the commercial units and sales income from the limited number of residential units to be developed.

Life Academy

Akiş REIT’s newest brand, Life Academy, has helped introduce its customers to many life-enriching experiences through various subjects such as natural nutrition, personal development, infant care, child development, laughter yoga, astrology, and health.

Life Academy embodies its life and human values into a project with a strong social platform that was conceived by a real estate company in Turkey with the aim of contributing to social happiness.

In the near future, the seminars will continue to explore different topics through ‘experts in their fields’ sharing their expertise and experience with guests in other locations.

‘’Green Building’’ Certified Life Center by Akiş

Akiş REIT accepts minimizing the environmental impact arising from activities, protecting the health and safety of employees, customers and local community, achieving maximum savings in using natural resources and energy for its processes and developed projects, and preserving the environment and ecological balance for future generations, as the focus of corporate social responsibility approach and sustainability.

With environmentally friendly applications that prioritize energy efficiency, the Akbatı Shopping Mall and Akbatı Residences have been certified as “good” according to the environmental sustainability assessment method BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology). At the conclusion of the process, where buildings are assessed according to criteria such as correct use of resources, internal design and health and safety standards, Akbatı’s sustainable applications were once again certified.

The efficient investment opportunities are served through the rich composition of portfolio

Akiș REIT continues to develop projects that help improve quality of life in the regions where it operates. Akiş REIT consistently follows changing sector trends and socio-economic developments closely, and aims to sign off on prominent projects in the real estate sector. Akiş REIT adopts a project approach with high quality standards, which will make its users feel special thanks to the living areas it offers, in line with the city’s texture. Akiş REIT targets regular and sustainable dividend income for its shareholders. Our Company places emphasis on investing in projects that will create regular income in the real estate market, and sustain its growth trend.

Life enhancements by the various projects

Akiş REIT will sustain its leading performance in the sector during the coming year. It will keep building on its success in 2016 as well.

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