The book of images compiled from the photograph albums of Yıldız Palace Library, "Yadigâr-ı Istanbul" was published in March 2007, sponsored by Akkök under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Nurhan Atasoy. The second edition of the book was published in 2010. The photographs in the book were diligently collected through a process that began in the 1970s.

Going back to the era of Sultan Abdülhamid, the albums in the Yıldız Palace Library were carefully chosen by Prof. Dr. Nurhan Atasoy and became a collection consisting of 36,535 photographs, comprising the works of 430 photographers.

With a selection of its photographs dating back to the time of Sultan Abdülaziz and Sultan Reşad, and a majority originating from the reign of Sultan Abdülhamid II, the book not only reflects the Istanbul of that period but also shows the Palace’s perception of the city. Yadigâr-ı Istanbul also gives insight into the emergence and spread of photography in the Ottoman Empire.

The book provides new information about the introduction of photography into Ottoman life, the establishment of photography houses, the incentives and awards given to photography, the publication of journals teaching photography, the photographic documentation of various locations throughout the country, photography in the police force, the use of photographs in identification certificates and passports, the photographic documentation of criminals, granting foreigners permission to take photos and participation in photography exhibitions.

The Yadigâr-ı Istanbul Exhibition, a significant work of art in terms of the history of world photography, was presented to art enthusiasts at the Yıldız Palace Armory Building. Proceeds from the sales of the first edition of the book have been donated to the Turkish Education Foundation to support its education projects.