The youth has been at the top of Akkök Holding's social responsibility agenda since day one, and the Holding reinforced its support for the youth as part of its "investment in the future" strategy by becoming the main sponsor of Mamut Art Project 2015 by Akkök.

The Mamut Art Project has been introducing young artists to collectors, galleries, culture and arts institutions and art audiences since 2013, and received Akkök Holding sponsorship in its third year. Mamut Art Project’15 by Akkök was held at the Küçükçiftlik park in Istanbul from March 26th to 29th, 2015 with 56 artists almost 400 works of art in various disciplines.

The works exhibited at the Mamut Art Project’15 by Akkök were selected by a jury panel of Agah Uğur, Başak Şenova, Eda Kehale Argun, İnci Eviner and Osman Erden among more than 1000 submissions. The project received international submissions from France, Ukraine, Germany, United States, Australia, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Switzerland and Iran, and domestic submissions from many provinces in Turkey including Istanbul, Ankara Diyarbakır, Konya, Nevşehir, İzmir, Van, Karabük, Malatya, Kırklareli and Edirne. ​