Believing that an educated generation is the key to a bright future for Turkey, Akkök Holding initiated the Firefly Mobile Learning Unit project carried out by the Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation (TEGV) throughout Turkey in 2009.

With this mobile education project, Akkök Holding has achieved its goal of reaching out to a large audience for social responsibility, while at the same time making an important contribution over the course of 5 years in preparing the children of Yalova for the future.

Initiated by Akkök Holding in Yalova to provide and create an environment facilitating the development of emotions and abilities such as self-confidence, self-appreciation, self-expression, creativity, and empathy in children and to help them feel valuable as individuals, the "Akkök Firefly Mobile Learning Unit" has covered a distance of 102 kilometres.

Within this period, educational support has been provided to 14,125 children and 109 TEGV volunteers have contributed to these trainings. In Yalova between 2009 and 2014, the Akkök Firefly has met students from Taşköprü, Öğretmen Yusuf Ziya, Şaban Temüge, Saffet Çam, Mareşal Fevzi Çakmak, İsmet Paşa Mazlum Palabıyık, Orgeneral Selahattin Risalet Demircioğlu, Atatürk, Müfettiş Hamdi Girgin, Hayat Mahallesi, Hürriyet, GSD Eğitim Vakfı, Zübeyde Hanım, 700. Yıl Osmangazi, Sevim Göğez and Mevlana Elementary Schools.

Akkök Firefly Mobile Learning Unit; environment friendly...

As in all the other projects of Akkök, environmental awareness has been taken into account and recyclable materials have been used in all the trailers of the Firefly Mobile Learning Unit.
Thus, 80% of the materials used in the truck have been planned to be recycled upon completing their economic life.

This education unit, which ensures energy productivity and environment friendliness, has been specially produced by OTOKAR for Akkök's project.